Helping Organisations describe a Common Purpose has been a theme of our work for the past twenty years


Business starts ups and organisational change is where we have been privileged to work with groups of between fifteen and sixty delegates via Experiential Learning Workshops and other interventions to build Leadership capability...

The Thinkboxing team help facilitate...

High Performance Teams, Leadership and "Followership Culture" for its clients...

...Transformation Solution...

The Ultimate Challenge!

We help organisations start and accelerate high performance with major shifts in behaviour from the people that matter.  Over twenty years experience has seen us work within 'old thinking' territory and now we are ready to challenge individuals and organisations to work in a 'new way'. We have made and will continue to make a difference with our business partners and colleagues 

Our well regarded ULTIMATE CHALLENGE is a combination of onsite and offsite Leadership Interventions, Study Book Work Groups and Senior Management - Stakeholder follow through with ongoing additional support that can lead to a culture of FOLLOWERSHIP 

"On the sixty person workshop all delegates were busily failing as eight groups attempted to build a structure against a Plan. They all had the same objective and time challenge. One young lady stood on a chair and called ‘Time out’ she asked does anyone believe that if we keep on doing what we are doing we are going to deliver, a long silence followed then she asked does anyone have a better idea, no one did, so she said lets start again we have missed something, and they had"

This was one of many examples of where a Multi Point Leadership Structure has emerged and proved to be successful; if we tell you that the Managing Director, the Senior Team and Manager levels are wearing a baseball caps that allow them to Follow, help, but not direct or lead -  this experience can be the start point for a Followership culture as they now realise the power and potential they have in the workforce is AWESOME and the skill they need is the ability to Follow and Support for results to flow


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