Our Purpose

Our goal is to support business and personal transformation with Change, ideally ahead of time; through optimising the contribution that colleagues at all levels in the Organisation deliver...


The Thinkboxing team listen, then design interventions to support performance improvements.  Expert knowledge and assistance provided for business and departmental start-ups or turnaround work, leadership development, organisational change, performance improvement and the design of High Performance Organisations...


We have in depth experience in the following business areas; Automotive, Manufacturing, Retail Supply Chain, Defence, FMCG, Sport, Sales, Service, Logistics, Distribution, Energy, Utilities, Police Forces and the Home Office...


In our life long study of Performance at a Me-Team and Organisational level we know the key dynamic of change is... the reason, the purpose, the 'why' and this is where the thinking contribution to results...the process...is important. Best results are delivered by colleagues who are engaged by an Executive Team who describe a competitive business and appropriate future...

Based on our change work to date we expect to find a Talent pool that is more than equal to the challenge of self organising week to week work, releasing this potential then allows the Support and Executive staff to focus on higher level work and in this way become a highly efficient organisation

Experiential workshops, with heads on and hands on performance challenges, study book insights, experience of 'what works' at a Me, Team and Organisational level are where we start the Learning Spiral that supports change ahead of time philosophy

Does your business need to develop Leadership competence? are you looking to develop a Followership Culture?

Do you have future focused, customer oriented High Performance Teams, driven by a passion for excellence in meeting the operational plan?

Take the time - read through the 'Thinkboxing' 'Leadership' and 'Followership' intelligence on this site, we trust that your understanding of a Culture of Followership will start to emerge; you can  explore more through a download of our study book and perhaps your readiness to explore Change starts with Me on a Performance Challenge Workshop

Your Thoughts Are Important to Us...

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