'Thought Bubbles and Thinkboxing'

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Through self analysis and reflection of what works, we watched groups become teams and as individuals changed, we leaned heavily on the Gestalt self analysis model and coined the word 'thinkboxing'.  The term explains a simple technique that has now helped many colleagues work through the emotions of the Uh-Oh! zone that arrives when they meet the unexpected


At a personal level our thinkbox work reflects our understanding of how the brain works, and we now see the 'mindfulness training wave' as a continuation of these ideas and concepts

Two Thought Bubbles to consider - We live in the world our 'Thinkbox' creates...and 'Change Starts With Me'


Through the development of our 'thinkbox' models and diagnostic work as implementers of a high performance in company team model, we now believe that the change process is fractal. We found that the group-think on the night shift was different to the day shift, the understanding of the world of work in the Quality department was different to the Engineering department. Each work area had developed its own world view and as a group... they lived in the world that their history had created... patterned rock logic behaviours captured in a Group Thinkbox


'Change starts with me understanding my 'thinkbox' this upskill translates into new thinking and behaviours then even a small cluster of colleagues in a work group can introduce ideas that help the group move to a higher performance order


The THINKBOXING team can help unblock the Work Group Thinkbox - See more...

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