The shift from Leadership to Followership is subtle


In a Followership culture all employees know when to Lead and when to Follow; they describe themselves as ‘High Performance Teams’. Through the deployment of the skills base they inherited at birth, have nurtured through life and world of work experiences, employees from all levels of organisations have the ability to deliver extraordinary results

Followership Culture

Keep Updated

That said in our Performance Challenge workshops we have found that leadership teams from Operational, Support and Executive levels fail on the simplest of tasks until they up-skill to a new level with a need to adapt to a new environment and circumstance


Our thinkboxes are well practised on how to deliver on the world of work of today, the workshops are a great way to appraise the organisations readiness for the challenges of the future


We can support the development of high performance teams through a series of up-skills at a Me and a Team level that merges in to a new understanding of how a high performance team structure works. Experiences on the workshops are a great way to explore 'what works' and 'what we need to improve on'


Our transformation work requires an analysis of ‘Work ‘ in three contexts [1] the organisations long term Future State [2] a review of what has worked in the past that still fits with that Future State [3] reinforcing what is currently working well in the Current State with a rigorous ‘Let go up-skilling’ to ensure that the colleague thinking and behaviour is future focussed


Our team have worked for more than twenty years to ensure up-skilling of colleagues in the change and supported the way to change ahead of time that will sustain competitive work places over long term

Embark on a Journey to develop a Followership Culture...................and dramatically change the performance expectations of your business...